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How Are Increasing Stakeholder Expectations Affecting Levels of Unacceptable Incidents Within Estates?

We all want to reduce failure that impacts clinical activity, however efficiencies dictate that many of the traditional ways to prioritise and manage investment through planned or lifecycle replacement are either not affordable or are disruptive at busy periods which affects clinical capacity and patient flow.

Problems are commonly only identified following an incident, often as part of a Root Cause Analysis Report. An Estates Single Point of Failure is an indicator that a critical part of infrastructure has failed, and that Business Continuity Plans (BCP) or resilience were inadequate or not in existence.

A chain snaps with the acronym for Single Point of Failure

Usual suspects include back up pumps, building services supplies, pressure systems, air circuit breakers, switches, battery back-ups and even specialist staffing. Even when back-up arrangements are in place, they are often not sufficiently alarmed, regularly inspected or the communications are not positioned to alert when backups are offline or at an imminent point of failure.

How Confident Are You?

The ‘fix it when it breaks approach’ is also proving uncomfortable for Boards and regulators when condition-based replacement is not affordable, or access becomes unacceptable due to winter pressures. As a result, we are now being asked to provide a more pragmatic approach by many Trusts, based on our team’s unrivalled experience as proven, successful NHS professionals.

As a team of experienced NHS Estates Managers and Building Services Professionals, we know what it means to provide assurance to Boards and NHS Premises Assurance Model (PAM) reporting, so we can support you to ensure that Single Points of Failure are mitigated where possible.

What Will We Do To Support Your Trust?

We will share our extensive experience in assessing and mitigating Single Points of Failure, often the result of simple and yet avoidable failings, through the absence of specific and targeted investment.

In addition to critical plant upgrades, diversification, load shedding and decentralisation, our proven approach considers original design resilience, current condition and estates BCP affecting whole wards, departments and blocks, which if neglected can result in damage to reputation and ongoing confidence issues.


£3,000 – £5,000*

This package provides a 6-day review, analysis and assessment report with recommendations against any identified Single Points of Failure affecting whole wards and department engineering services – many of which are regularly experienced nationally, but often only happen sporadically within each Trust. We deliver through a combination of reviewing original design principals and layout through visual inspection, key maintenance records and considering the level of risk the Trust is willing to accept against the typical expectation of regulators and the public. This assessment can directly support your need for PAM evidence.

We can also offer a further Silver and Gold service following the initial bronze assessment if you require further support. This can be accessed through our NHS national framework day rates.

*Excluding VAT that would normally be recoverable as a Costed-Out Service. Subject to standard terms and conditions.

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