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Retained Energy Management Service (REMS)

Helping manage your energy needs

Committed to helping companies make savings to reduce their carbon footprint through analysis of their current plant and equipment, energy policies, energy usage and energy procurement systems. Typically, LCE has realised potential savings well in  excess of 10% from making minor changes.

Suitable for clients that have no need for a full time Energy Manager or require additional technical and energy management support for their existing staff.

Retained Energy Management Services (REMS) is a flexible and low cost solution to undertake and identify the client’s lawful obligations.

We develop our client’s environmental strategy as well as implementing a cost Effective, on-going Energy Management Policy.

Our Service Includes but is not limited to:

•Specialist energy management and engineering
support, individually tailored, to suit specific
requirements, whilst complimenting and providing
support to existing staff skill-sets, without affecting
bottom line costs.

• Assurance that the organisation will remain compliant
with regards to DECs, ACIs, F-Gas, CRC, EUETS as well
as other mandatory energy compliance requirements.

• Expertise in HVAC and energy audits, project
management, metering strategies, energy
procurement, invoice validation, business case
development and training.

• Optimisation of current building energy management
services and systems, to enable a carbon-efficient


With a dedicated Key Account Manager supported by a team of subject specialists, you can be assured that our REMS will deliver cost savings relating to carbon reduction through the use of best energy management practice and low carbon technologies

REMS can also offer:

  • Sustainable Development Management Plans
  • EUETS & CRC Advice
  • Energy Conservation
  • Audits and Project Identification
  • Carbon Footprinting
  • Benchmarking
  • BREEAM Assessments
  • Renewable Technologies
  • Business Cases