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About our Sustainability Management Services

Our Sustainability Management Service is designed to find ways to improve resource efficiency and reduce wastage in organisations. We help organisations make real savings and safeguard against the effects of climate change by improving their environmental management.

With the Climate Change Act 2008 requiring the UK to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80% by 2050 (against 1990 levels), every organisation has a role to play in achieving national carbon reduction strategies.

Our Sustainability Service Includes:

Our dedicated sustainability team provides a range of services:

  • Statutory document writing, such as Sustainable Development Management and Action Plans and Climate Change Adaptation Plans
  • Behaviour change programmes, to catalyse clinical and frontline staff sustainable practice changes that deliver financial and carbon savings
  • Waste auditing and reporting
  • Strategic stakeholder engagement to embed sustainability throughout large, complex organisations
  • Travel auditing, planning and sustainable travel options
  • Technical advice and market appraisals of energy and water utility suppliers
  • Carbon footprinting
  • Compliance advice
  • Environmental project management
  • Accreditation to The Planet Mark certification scheme

We'll Work With You!

Low Carbon Europe works on the client-side to help organisations align their core business with sustainability principles. We provide a comprehensive service, tailored to our client needs.

Our approach to sustainability creates long term value by embracing energy and carbon saving opportunities and incorporating economic, social and environmental considerations into decision-making.

We help organisations in any stage of their journey, from those who are simply interested in complying with legislation, and beyond, to those who want to take an integrated approach that embeds sustainable practices within their business.

The Benefits

  • Create Sustainable Development Management Plans and implement
    supporting action plans
  • Ensure legal compliance and control reporting
  • Achieve cost savings and reduce overheads
  • Reduce representational risk and enhance brand values
  • Achieve competitive advantage through positive engagement
  • Identify areas of potential wastage and gain an understanding of resource consumption
  • Reduce threats associated with the impacts of climate change
  • Build resilience to the impacts of climate change¬†in your organisation

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