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Operating Theatre Energy Optimisation.

What are they and what do they achieve?
You may be asking yourself the question, how can an Operating Theatre Optimisation and HTM 03-01 audit benefit our Trust? What’s the point? Well, from our point of view the aim is to reduce CO2 emissions and help play a significant role in combating climate change, for the Financiers out there the identification of significant areas of cost savings and, for Trust Management the knowledge that Patient Safety and comfort is being adhered to.

Theatre OptimisationPotential saving right at your finger tips 
By improving the air supply in one theatre alone, a Trust can save around £5,000 a year, therefore an average Trust with 12 operating theatres could find savings of £60,000 per year. If this figure was extended to all the Trusts in England, it could mean a national saving of more than £9,000,000 and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 72,000 tonnes a year! Definitely not an area to be sniffed at!72 tonnes

What does it cover
What does our Theatre Optimisation Audit cover? Our specialist consultants will undertake fully invasive inspections of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in operating theatres,and examine energy loads in relation to all the current operational requirements. A comprehensive review will then look at ways to optimise control strategies, ventilation rates, humidification parameters and part-load efficiencies, and meet the requirements of HTM 03-01 at the same time. Areas covered by the audit include:
 Critical Ventilation System Inspection
 Duct Air Flow Rates
 Room Air Terminal Air-Flow Rates
 Room Differential Pressures
 Air Handling Units & Pressure Control
 Potential Fan Replacement Opportunities
 Pipework Insulation
 Chilled Water Pump Sets
 Central Chilled Water Systems
 Humidification & De-Humidification StrategiesIn addition to the HTM 03-01 specifications, our consultants will suggest other energy saving initiatives, which could save the Trust more energy and money. Each audit comes with a comprehensive action plan, and a list of full list of recommendations.

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